[Zope3-dev] One namespace for ZCML

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:40:28 EST 2006

OK, after following the diskussion I'm now -1. Lets first go through
Phillips other ZCML simplification, then look at what we can do for
browser:*, and then see if what's left should have several namespaces
or not.

I think that people who can't be bohered to copy/paste a set of
names-space definitions first in the file will not bother to
copy/paste one name-space definition, and hence I think having just
one namespace is not gonna make anybody happy, unless all statements
neatly fit there. On the other hand, namespaces with just a couple of
statements are most likely some kind of chicken (although maybe not
dead). So lets see what we end up with when we have pruned the
statements a bit.

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