[Zope3-dev] zcml in config db?

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:52:14 EST 2006

On 2/14/06, Shaun Cutts <shaun at cuttshome.net> wrote:
> The biggest reason: I can imagine that when deploying a package, various
> configurations, for instance security, but also adding internationalization,
> have to be adapted for the specific site. This way, they could be deployed
> without access/change to the source tree (after it has been "plunked down"
> in the python path), and further customization could be done, if necessary,
> remotely. Also, sites that "have to stay up" could be reconfigurable on the
> fly (though one would have to be careful about disabling the core system!).

1. You still want to have that in some source tree, so that you can
change it, check it in to svn and run diffs on it.
2. Changing basic configuration through the web can be a security problem.

That said, some configuring should definitely be stored in the ZODB
and configured through the web, and where to put that border is not
always obvious.

> Also, those pythonistas who object to zcml not being in python will have
> less to see when they complain.

No, because not only is the configuration now not in Python, it's not
even in a text format, but in the ZODB. They are gonna *hate* that. :)

> This at least drives home the point that
> this config isn't logically part of the code. :)

Most of the ZCML config is largely part of the code...

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