[Zope3-dev] Future of zope.app

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Tue Feb 14 09:19:01 EST 2006

Stephan Richter wrote:
>>Jim said that he wants zope.app to become smaller. I would welcome that.
>>Is it time for this to be thought about?
>>For various reasons, mostly personal ones, I would consider Zope
>>3.3/2.10 a good point for this to be done. If others agree, we should
>>get started, especially since we moved up the time frame 1 month.
> I would not mind. I think most of the work will be investigating and 
> documenting the steps to be taken. Technically it is less of a challenge.

I agree. I would be willing to do some of that investigation, though I
bet Jim will have his share of thoughts as well...

> On the other hand, this release will see a lot of shake-up: ZCML
> directive removal, adapter registry reimplementation, package
> location changes.

Yes, that's true. But then again, it's better now than in 6 months when
perhaps half of the vital Zope 2 projects are actively using Zope 3
software (CPS and Silva already are, Plone will be by then).

I also think that the release system we have chosen shouldn't stand in
the way of agile refactorings. If the last release contained only 10 new
features, I have no problem when the next one contains 100 or 1000,
given it's all properly documented and BBB is provided. We wanted
time-based releases, that's what we have, not feature-driven ones.


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