[Zope3-dev] Re: One namespace for ZCML

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Wed Feb 15 10:05:25 EST 2006

Stephan Richter wrote:
>>I realize that and I think at least the concern was valid. As for the
>>solution, I rather prefer the convenience (which reads for me as
>>"automation" when it get rids of dead chicken direcives) to be in Python.
> But I think this is exactely the problem. Convenience is often geared towards 
> non-technical people, like designers and integrators. For them to touch or 
> write Python code is horrifying.

I don't think designers will have to touch Python. I don't even think
they will often touch ZCML. The designers I hired never had to...

> One of the goals of ZCML was to address this audience and day: Look
> add, edit or change this and that directive and you are good to go.
> It was also one of the reasons XML was chosen.

I think ZCML is addressing people who build packages, people who make
applications out of these packages and people who deploy those
applications. I think in all three cases we can assume enough experience
with Zope and Python to expect them to enter, say, a dotted name. And,
of course, these people typically overlap.


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