[Zope3-dev] Swiss Easter Sprint - Announcement

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Wed Feb 15 19:37:24 EST 2006

Swiss Easter Sprint

"Sorry for cross posting, I just will make sure that 
nobody feels like not invited and has a chance to 


The sprint starts on Saturday, April 8, at 9:00am and will end 
on Wednesday, April 12 in the afternoon. The official welcome 
activity will be at noon on April 8.


The workshop will be located in Cham. Cham is a Town near Zug, 
Switzerland. Yeah, Zug is a town and doesn't mean Zope User Group!


Zope 3 Strategy Workshop

The future of Zope 3 and its role for other frameworks

With the recent interest of the wider community in Zope 3, it is important
to define Zope 3 in light of this. Discussions could be held about what
should be the Zope 3 core, how can other development shape the core and how
Zope 3 can best support high-level frameworks, such as Cubed.

In previous sprints we have also worked on a new face for Zope 3, a new Web
site. This and other Zope 3 marketing material could be developed during the
sprint, making the event also interesting for non-developers. It would be
really great to have a Zope 3 "promotion" leam at the sprint.

This is a great opportunity for Zope 3 core developers and framework
builders to meet and have discussions. We will define more concrete topics
to work on and discuss as we come closer to the sprint date.

Zope 3 Core Development

We have recently seen and will see a lot of reorganization of the
core. However, a lot of the changes (with exception of Jim's adapter
registry rewrite) are cosmetic, leaving some tougher technical challenges
open. Since this sprint will be a true Zope 3 sprint, we could address some
really hard-core issues, like menues, new widget package, formlib work,
etc. The actual topics will depend on the participants, of course.

Zope 3 Experimentation

Recently, there have been several experimental packages under development,
like the boston skin and the WebDev package while others have been proposed
like Shane's Web root or indirection tool. While not directly usable in a
release, this research work is necessary to give Zope 3 the cutting edge in
the future.

You can register yourself on the sprint page at:

Or send me a mail if you don't have access for editing the Wiki-Page
and add yourself to the participant list.

Roger Ineichen
Projekt01 GmbH
Langackerstrasse 8
6330 Cham
phone     +41 (0)41 781 01 78
mobile    +41 (0)79 340 52 32
fax       +41 (0)41 781 00 78
email r.ineichen at projekt01.ch

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