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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Feb 16 10:27:30 EST 2006

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Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Jeff Shell wrote:
>> I agree that better integration with external data should be a
>> priority for Zope. But what does that mean? In theory, if something's
>> a Python object it should work with Zope 3 with relative ease... If
>> that's not the case, perhaps we need to look at how much work is
>> required to take some random Python object that may be created by some
>> random data access library and get it into a Zope 3 published web
>> page. If it kicks and screams and resists security and interfaces, or
>> what not, maybe we need to take a look at all of that.
> Let me focus the discussion: I think it's nearly always a bad idea for
> anyone, newbie or expert, to put a template or script in ZODB.  Do we
> have any agreement on that point?  I wish we did.  I enjoy ZODB for many
> purposes, but not for storing templates and scripts.

I have a real client application where the templates themselves *are*
the content being managed:  they are *not* software.  They *must* be
stored in the ZODB.  You could think of these things as "active content
components," or somthing, and they are not logically the same thing as
"stock" templates used for software, but they do include ZPT.

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