[Zope3-dev] Brainstorming about browser pages

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Sat Feb 18 06:30:22 EST 2006

Hi Steve

> We'll be moving soon to having minimal ZCML configuration for pages,
> just pointing at the module and class to use for a set pages.  Within
> the class there will be methods decorated with @page('name'), and
> attributes for page templates.  So, a typical view class in Launchpad
> will look like:
> <browser:register-pages
>     module="canonical.launchpad.browser.distribution"
>     classes="DistributionView SpecialOtherDistributionView"
>     />
> class DistributionView(LaunchpadView):
>     def initialize(self):
>         # here, set up data before the page is rendered,
>         # do redirections and avoid the page being rendered,
>         # and process form POSTs.
>     foo_page = page('foo.html', LaunchpadTemplate('foo.pt'))
>     bar_template = LaunchpadTemplate('bar.bt')
>     @page('bar.html')
>     def render_bar_page(self):
>         # do stuff, maybe using self.bar_template
> The advantage of all this is that you need to look in just 
> one place to
> understand a view class.  You don't need to look in both the ZCML and
> the Python code, just the Python code.  The ZCML becomes simpler, and
> more focused on glueing pieces of Python code together, and less about
> what is to be displayed at what URLs.

Let my say somthing about that.

I like it and I think it's a good way for simplifie view registration
for a well defined project but not a fremawork where has to offer
a more open API for views.

Why not useable in frameworks;
because this means you have to use PageTemplates for such a API.
But Im OK with this as long we don't propagate this as a reusable 
concept for the zope3 core or 3rd party applications.

I like it more to see real Pyhton view API's where can be used 
with different templating systems in the future.

btw, I think this isn't really possible since it exist two 
base templating pattern (push and pull). But a python view
class can always offer a API with the right set of methods and 
permissions. (MVC)

If we think about MVC then I would say that such a pattern
isn't the right way to mix it with PageTemplate implementation.
But that's another part.

But I agree with you Steve, I think its a good concept if you 
use it in project which uses PageTemplates and doesn't need to
offer a generic API.

Roger Ineichen

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