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ksmith99 ksmith93940-dev at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 19 00:45:06 EST 2006

Jeff Shell wrote:
> I guess I still don't understand how you're using Zope 3, because it
> sounds like you're using it very differently than I am. I've long
> since abandoned the ZMI. I never see that list of addable objects (in
> fact, in my newest applications, I completely bypass IAdding). I
> basically see the "Zope 3 ZMI" long enough to add one of my
> sites/applications. At that point, my skins take over, and that's all
> I see. The rotterdam skin is there as last resort to get out of
> trouble or to tweak local utility configurations.

Here here. I don't know how other people do it, but I expect to create an
admin skin and a visitor skin which may or mayl not use the ZMI as a base.
The ZMI isn't be-all-end-all of how an admin skin should be,  it doesn't
handle ajax and it's not made for frames. The ZMI should be optional.

I don't want this to sound ranty, but it's a big assumption that a developer
is going to use the ZMI.  This assumption then bleeds into the ZCML where
ZMI specific directives are sprinkled in all over the place. As a newbie, I
found this very confusing ... what browser page am I really building for??

Kevin Smith

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