[Zope3-dev] The Zope Software Certification Program and Common Repository Proposal

Dominik Huber dominik.huber at perse.ch
Thu Feb 23 17:25:53 EST 2006

Benji York wrote:
> Dominik Huber wrote:
>> We came up with the same solution first. But our problem appears 
>> within the following use case.
>> A few developers are sharing code on application level (not  package 
>> level!) for different dedicated customer projects. They have problems 
>> to setup identical dev-environments (packages with the same revisions 
>> etc.).
> I need to carefully reread your message and reply with more detail 
> later, but I'll make a drive-by comment first. :)
> Ultimately, reproducible developer buildouts can never be represented 
> solely with Subversion (or likely any RCS).  If you've been able to 
> structure your projects such that it works, that's great, but that use 
> case shouldn't be a driving force behind the common repository layout.
Yes, I know that. I'm fully aware that our suggestion is kind of a 
workaround, but it works fairly good in pratice for a wide range of 

Packages are one story of development. Other stories are exemplary 
applications that depends on a certain set of packages. Such a set is an 
important fine tuning (-> matching revisions or tags etc.) in other 
words such a set is know-ledge about package combination that could be 
shared between different projects relying on the same exemplary 
application. It might minimize the barrier for new contributors and 
early adopters - IMO that's fairly important too. That's my driving force :)


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