[Zope3-dev] Why does the following browser configuration fail?

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Fri Feb 24 16:43:03 EST 2006

>> which fails when the two last options are commented out, but works 
>> fine when none are commented out.  Is there a reason why it fails when 
>> the two last .. directives are commented out?
> On a guess, I'd say that the editform could be commented out without 
> effect.  The add menu item probably complains if the page to which it 
> refers (AddRecipe.html) is not actually provided (by the addform).  
> That's just a guess.
> zcml tracebacks actually do generally have the necessary information to 
> help debug them, actually; it's just not necessarily where you expect.  
> Read up from the bottom of the traceback and I suspect you'll find 
> something helpful eventually, maybe several frames up.
> If not, try including the traceback in a reply and see if anyone has any 
> bright ideas.

Right you are..  :)  It says "view name AddRecipe.html not found" which 
makes more sense.

Sorry for these stupid newbie problems.  ;)


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