[ZO-Coll] [ZOC] 430/ 2 Resolve "how to use different languages?"

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Mon Nov 13 09:31:09 EST 2006

Issue #430 Update (Resolve) "how to use different languages?"
 Status Resolved, functionality/feature critical
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= Resolve - Entry #2 by d2m on Nov 13, 2006 9:31 am

 Status: Pending => Resolved

is this zope.org related ? if not, please post your question to the zope users mailing list (zope at zope.org)

your objects id can only use ASCII characters, numbers and some other special characters (and thus the URL too).

the object title, description and other content may contain chinese characters.

= Request - Entry #1 by greenlab on Nov 13, 2006 4:34 am

hi everyone!
   when i try to use zope to creat an item of my software, the name of the item is chinese, but the system told me the url is illegal. 
   i can't creat simple chinese item?
   by the way i have changed the $ZENHOME/etc/zope.conf 
   how can i do ?

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