[ZPT] How to write input to a file and run a perl script

Charu ASTHANA asthana at loria.fr
Mon Apr 30 09:23:00 EDT 2007

Dear users,

I am fairly new to zope.  i am not much of a computer scientist but I 
can do some programming.
ok so here is my problem:

I have ot create a web page, which asks the user for some inputs and 
upload of a data file.
The input values and the file name (the uploaded file will be saved on 
the server) are to be written to a text file that will be saved on the 
This text file will then be given as input to a perl program that will 
read and do some calculations.

Now I have reached so far:
I have created a web page which asks for user inputs.
Then when the user submits the form :
   a) I create another web page that shows the user what all he has 
inputted and ,
    b) also send the input ( thought he set parameter list) to a python 

Now I am not able to understand ???
1) how to write all the set of parameter that python script has got onto 
a text file ( i do not clearly understand about the limitations of 
script in zope context)
2) Also how do I call a perl script from this python script. ( i could 
not understand the concept of external methods)

Any pointers will be very helpful. Also any example of similar code will 
be beneficial.

Thanks a lot for your time


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