Zope Mailing Lists


Active lists - now in Mailman 3

List Description Archive Old archive
Zope Zope users list Zope archive Zope Mailman 2 archive
Zope-Announce Zope announcements list Zope Announce archive Zope Announce Mailman 2 archive
Zope-Dev Zope developers list Zope Dev archive Zope Dev Mailman 2 archive

Retired list archives

List Description
ape Adaptable Persistence Engine discussion
bluebream Collaborate on BlueBream project
CMF-checkins CMF Code Checkin Notifications
cmf-tests CMF Tests
foundation Zope Foundation Member list
Fredericksburg-ZPUG Fredericksburg, VA ZPUG
Grok-dev Development of / with Grok
grok-doc Ask questions about Grok documentation
Gsoc Google Summer of Code
Interface-dev Development with or of zope interfaces
ZConfig Discussion about the ZConfig library
ZDP Zope Documentation Project collaboration
Zodb-checkins CVS checkins for ZODB
Zope-Checkins Zope source code checkin notifications
Zope-CMF Discussions about the CMF and CMF applications
Zope-CVS Zope.org Public CVS Operations
Zope-DB Zope RDBMS Discussions
zope-es Spanish-speaking Zope list
Zope-PAS Discussion about the PluggableAuthService
Zope-tests Automated Zope unit test output
Zope-web Mailing list for discussing the zope.org websites
zope2-tracker Zope 2 issue tracker notifications
Zope3-Checkins Zope 3 source code checkin notifications
zope3-i18n Zope 3 Internationalization and Localization
Zope3-users Users of Zope 3
Zopeorg-collector Mailing list for automatic Zope.org Collector notifications
zpkg Discussion of the zpkg packaging tool
ZPT Zope Presentation Templates
ZUG-SIG Zope User Group SIG