[Grok-dev] The state of Grok projects in the cooking

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Mon Oct 3 05:02:07 EST 2011


  So at Infrae we don't really use lot of Grok itself, but lot of grokcore packages and other related Grok packages in Zope
2, with the help of five.grok.

  We use it in our CMS, Silva. In last years we spend time in a major refactoring  to make it easier to extend and
customize. Our customers often writes extension and customization themselves directly, so this need to be as simple
as possible to extend.

  Everything is based on Grok-related technology now, content type registration, forms (based on Zeam Form, a Grokkish
form framework easy to extend and customize), templates and layout (megrok.pagetemplate, megrok.chameleon,
grokcore.layout). The UI is now one-page AJAX based, and use a Grokkish extension to register REST handlers, infrae.rest, that makes
possible to nest those handlers (which is important when you have a lot of them, for organization purposes). We use
fanstatic as well for the resource inclusion.

  We invested a lot in Grok for this, and we are happy about it, and our customers as well.

  We do have a couple of Plone projects thats uses five.grok as well (and Zeam Form as well).



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