[Grok-dev] The state of Grok projects in the cooking

Emanuel Sartor emanuel at menttes.com
Mon Oct 3 19:58:15 EST 2011

Sebastian Ware wrote:

> Since we have quite low traffic on the Grok mailing lists I thought it
> would be nice to hear what projects people are currently working on with
> Grok.
> At Urbantalk we are currently using Grok for all our webb app development.
> We are super happy with both the development and deployment story! You
> guys have done a truly excellent job!!!
> - We are maintaining two industry specific search engines with extensive
> community features. It uses the stock zope catalog components (scaled for
> up to 500k visitors per month)
> - We are actively developing a video-cms with video-ads and payment
> options. We have used gp.upload and iframes for concurrent file upload
> with progressbar. Nginx and third-party CDN for video delivery
> - We are actively developing a multilingual iPad/desktop
> browser-publishing solution running for a couple of clients with
> integrated Facebook and Twitter push publishing
> - We are maintaining a webb-client based digital signage/cctv solution
> - We are implementing a backend CMS for a calendar iPhone-app
> - We are about to launch a subscription based e-commerce solution with
> PayPal-integration. It is used for handling magazine subscriptions
> - We are continuously developing our internal issue and time tracking
> solution with ad-hoc production planning capabilities
> - We have a SCRUM sprint tracking solution with nice charts and stuff
> All our applications are using AJAX-template injection using a thin
> Mootools client so we are heavily dependent on PageTemplates and
> grok.JSON. We will at some point migrate to a better performing templating
> language.
> Mvh Sebastian
> http://www.urbantalk.se

I have been working on Merlot, a web-based project management system. The 
project is hosted at: http://code.google.com/p/merlot/

This is my first project using Grok outside Plone and I'm loving it. :-)


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