[ZDP] ZAG license

Will Dennis [email protected]
Wed, 11 Apr 2001 02:25:52 -0400

Hello all,

Per Amos' suggestion, let's try to agree on a license for the ZAG. After 
review of the two license types suggested by Amos on the project pages 
at zope.org 
(http://www.zope.org/DocProjects/AdminGuide/Project/LicenseDoc), I am in 
favor of the GNU Free Documentation License. It is a very comprehensive 
license that preserves the right to freely distribute and alter, but yet 
remain a viable license to commercial publishers, which may be a 
relavant point in this case. From the "Why you should use the GNU FDL" 
document at  http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html:

" The GFDL is meant as a way to enlist commercial publishers in funding 
free documentation without surrendering any vital liberty.  The 'cover 
text' feature, and certain other aspects of the license that deal with 
covers, title page, history, and endorsements, are included to make the 
license appealing to commercial publishers for books whose authors are 
paid.  To improve the appeal, I consulted specifically with staff of 
publishing companies, as well as lawyers, free documentation writers, 
and the community at large, in writing the GFDL."

Nothing specific against the Opencontent.org's Open Publication License, 
but it seems to me after reading both, that the GFDL is the better of 
the two.

Let the discussion begin...


Will Dennis