[ZODB-Dev] Re: extreme clock skew

Lalo Martins lalo at exoweb.net
Wed Sep 21 21:36:44 EDT 2005

And so says Tim Peters on 22/09/05 08:12...
> [Lalo]
>>It is in the collector, in case you want to check.
> Hmm.  Didn't you say this didn't work for you?  If so, the Collector
> comments should say so up front.

It _does_ work, and if you have a month or so of clock skew, I'd even
recommend you use it.

But if you have 10 years, after a month or so, this procedure will
result in a database where pretty much all timestamps are in the future :-P

(What I said is that I now have doubts about the sanity of the patch;
for no concrete reason, just that my Data.fs appears bigger than it
should, but I might be wrong.  Anyway, doubts are even more reason that
it would be nice if some ZODB wizard checked it out.)

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