[Zope-CMF] HTML & CMFDocument: <u></u> and <SUP></SUP> scrubbed out??

Colin Leath cleath at j9k.org
Sat Aug 30 18:35:54 EDT 2003

I found that my CMF site (http://carfreeuniverse.org
on freezope) was not letting me underline any text
when entering documents in HTML mode.

Upon further investigation, I found that a stock CMF
1.3 site on Zope 2.6 shares this behavior, but that
http://cmf.zope.org does not scrub <u></u> but does
scrub <sup></sup>.

(Actually, I got it to do so once, but now due to some
strange caching issue, cmf.zope.org is not behaving...
not accepting my changes, not letting me switch doc
type to html)

Because I want to use EPOZ with CMF I'd like to allow
underlining, color text, superscript, and so on.

How can I do this? How can the freezope admins make
this possible? Is this a CMF bug or just an
implementation issue?


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