[Zope-DB] Z SQL equivelant of MySQL's SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Dec 6 04:48:29 EST 2005

Charlie Clark wrote:
>>>>I wonder how the two methods compare efficiency-wise?
>>Yes, well, we're talking about MySQL specifically ;-)
> Well, with reference to Zope we shouldn't be...

Huh? the original poster was talking about MySQL, why should he care 
about any other rdb?

>>Not so. Think of batches:
>>"Now showing Results 5 - 10 of 25"
>>But why not just return all the rows and only show 5 of them?
>>"Now showing Results 5 - 10 of 250000"
> Yes, let's talk about batches - ZSQL doesn't implement batching so it 
> collects the whole set of results available so len() is available. 

How would you implement batching in a way that's agnostic of the rdb used?

> Result sets aren't supported directly 

by what?

> so unless the DA provides a method to 
> query on the connection or cursor you will also have to run a separate query 
> with count().




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