[Zope-DB] General Recommendations for a MySQL Connection

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Apr 23 11:56:39 EDT 2007

--On 23. April 2007 11:46:58 -0400 zope at kevinkal.com wrote:

> Hi all,
>   I could use a recommendation on connecting to MySQL databases.  I'll
> keep it short and say that we have a few apps now that connect to MySQL
> and that have taking a 'wrong turn' in development.  I think fulfilling
> these requirements will solve our issues and keep the development on the
> right path and I would greatly appreciate feedback.
> 1.)  Provide a migration path to zope3.  An application that provides a
> connection object which can provide the same API for zope2/Five and
> zope3(we're currently using zope 2.9.6/Five 1.4)
> 2.)  Provide 1 connection which will also try to reconnect when accessed
> if the connection has timed out, the server has restarted.
> We're currently importing MysqlDB which I think I could genarlize a bit.
> I've used the zope 2 mysqlDA in the past which has seemed pretty stable,
> but is this the way to go if the plan is to eventually migrate to zope3.
> I've also looked at zalchemy which  I  think could also be used to
> provide a utility with a connection pool, but seems to be more than what
> we need right now.

Independent of the question Zope 2 vs. Zope 3: I would use something 
SQLAlchemy based nowadays. My tool z3c.sqlalchemy works with Zope 2, Zope 3
and Python-only environments.

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