[Zope-DB] FileMaker with Zope

David Daniel Estévez Durey ahumboldt at humboldt.e.telefonica.net
Wed May 23 05:52:42 EDT 2007

El 22/05/2007, a las 18:49, Dieter Maurer escribió:

> David Daniel Estévez Durey wrote at 2007-5-22 13:54 +0100:
>> ...
>> I'm trying to connect FileMaker with Zope through ODBC, but I'm not
>> sure if I could do this for free, without buying any driver or
>> software. Can anyone explain to me how to do it or if it isn't
>> possible?
> To access any database via ODBC, you need an ODBC driver for this
> database.
> Usually, you also need an ODBC manager (one comes with Windows, I 
> assume).
> Finally, you need a Python-ODBC bridge and a Zope database adapter.
> I think, under Windows, the ActiveState Python comes with a
> Python-ODBC bridge.
> There used to be a "ZODBCDA" database adapter as Zope product.
> However, maintenance by "zope.com" stopped and some interested
> people took it over. Maybe, you try to search for it.
> Or you pay the XXX Euro and buy the eGenix "mxZODBDA", as suggested
> by Andreas.
Thank you very much for answering, Dieter, but the same I explained to 
Andreas, money is a very big problem in my case.

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