[Zope-DB] Can't get multiple to work in dtml-sqltest

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsmarketing.biz
Sat Oct 2 11:46:32 EDT 2010

Never mind.....cockpit error.....I looked a the sql generated from the
queries and it was correct in all cases. The problem lay elsewhere in my
Python script. Multiple works as advertised!

BTW, I also read in some posts that the type parameter does not work. But
according to my mysql logs, the type parameter does work as advertised. The
only issue is one cannot enter a list of values from the ZMI to test the
sql. You have to do it from a Python script.


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 6:32 PM, Mark Phillips <mark at phillipsmarketing.biz>wrote:

> I have a ZSQL query getPlayersBySeasons with one input value, seasonID:
> select distinct player.playerID, firstName, lastName, number, birthdate,
> positions, bats, throws, active
> from player, SeasonPlayer
> <dtml-sqlgroup required where>
>     <dtml-sqltest seasonID column=SeasonPlayer.seasonID type=int optional
> multiple>
>     <dtml-and>
>     SeasonPlayer.playerID=player.playerID
> </dtml-sqlgroup>
> and my python code:
> players = context.getPlayersBySeasons(seasonID=s).dictionaries()
> If s = [1], or s=[2], or s=[1,2] or s="", I get the same result set back.
> What is the correct syntax for using the multiple key word? I have googled
> and it seems that a lot of people have problems, and no one has a solution.
> Thanks!
> Mark
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