[Zope-PAS] [Checkins] SVN: Products.PluggableAuthService/trunk/Products/PluggableAuthService/PluggableAuthService.py don't swallow exceptions for plugins that don't want to

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue Oct 12 08:19:51 EDT 2010

On 2010-10-12 10:54, Florian Friesdorf wrote:
> In my opinion plugins should not abuse standard python exceptions to
> indicate that a user was not found but use a dedicated PAS exception for
> that. Or, at least, there should be exactly one standard python
> exception to indicate that.

Those exceptions are not part of the API, and are not abused (barring bugs).

> Currently, by default, NameError, AttributeError, KeyError, TypeError
> and ValueError are swallowed.

For good reason: if exceptions are not swallowed a single broken PAS 
plugin will take down your entire Zope, with leaving modifying of code
or lots of painful work in a debug prompt to reconfigure PAS as the only 
way out.

> After enabling the reraise of these exceptions, they got caught and
> ended up in the log. I assume this is safe. If there are doubts, we
> could rename the flag to: _dont_swallow_my_exceptions_in_debug_mode.

That would certainly be more intuitive.

> However, in order to spare PAS newbies time and frustration, this should
> be the default in debug mode. I don't know how many PAS plugins rely on
> this swallowing of exceptions.

Several in my experience.


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