[ZWeb] Re: optional registration/info during install

Shane Hathaway [email protected]
Sat, 23 Jun 2001 17:32:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Donald Braman wrote:

> That sounds good, too. How does the pine system work? Can it send system
> data (OS, version, etc.) and can it identify repeat emails from the same
> users (say, if someone reinstalls)? If the pine model is really bare bones,
> perhaps user's could choose between three options: (1) don't send anything
> to zope.org; (2) send an anonymous email identifying the version of Zope
> used; (3) register with Zope.org through a web-based form at zope.org or an
> emailable form.
> Don
> ps. How do the developers evaluate an idea (feature request) like this? Poll
> current users? Post to [email protected]?

Yikes!  On second thought, if we suggested anything like this using a
poll, a lot of people would come unglued.  The idea works for Pine because
Pine is maintained by a bunch of volunteers.  It would be a disaster for
Zope, being maintained by a for-profit company.  Sorry I suggested it.


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> Donald Braman wrote:
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> > This question makes me think that it might be nice for people to be able
> > (though not required) to "register" Zope during installation. I know that
> > sounds corporate, but the list of registered users could be used to email
> > them about security patches, updates, etc. You could even throw in some
> > optional questions about hardware used, etc. Is that something that the
> > folks at zope.org would be willing to keep track of? Just a thought. -Don
> Or maybe do what Pine (an email client) does: the first time you use it,
> it asks you if you would like to send an anonymous email to the Pine
> development team at the University of Washington in Seattle, just so the
> developers can get a general idea of how many people are using it.
> Shane