[ZWeb] "Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found" error in zopeorg

Sidnei da Silva sidnei at awkly.org
Mon Jan 24 06:16:20 EST 2005

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 09:47:37AM -0500, Andrew Sawyers wrote:
| Well, I was talking to Jens day before yesterday, I'm sure there's 
| several capable people who'd be more interested in helping with zope.org 
| if it was just a simple CMF site with skin to make it pretty. 
| Maybe it's time for us to reexamine things?  None of us have the
| desire or time to sludge through what's there now.  At one point,
| Jens and I had a completely migrated zope.org (the old one) onto a
| straight CMF based site.  Now who knows what's there; it's not even
| on a CMS anyone at ZC uses on a daily basis (i.e. it's based on
| Plone which adds several layers of unecessary indirection) and we
| don't have people who are familiar with it chomping at the bit to
| help us out.  This is a huge roadblock IMNSHO.

I think I'm allowed to give my input here, being the original person
in charge of migrating the old site to the current one.

If you guys think doing it all again will solve all the problems by
miracle, sorry but you are completely wrong.

Saying that the problem is in Plone, or that removing Plone will fix
the current problems is just pointing fingers elsewhere than the
problem is.

All the complaints I've read so far in this list are related to:

1. Workflows
2. ZCatalog
3. Skin

Plone, as you know, apart from CMFFormController is barely a skin. All
the content in current Zope.org is CMFDefault's. Documents, News
Items, etc. What is not CMFCore is some other custom product. If I
recall, the workflow is not Plone's standard or even CMF's standard
but a custom one.

At one point during migration, I thought people would start
complaining that Plone was getting into their ways and I've tried to
make a pure CMF skin. The result is that it worked pretty flawlessly
except for one or two scripts that would have to be copied to this

I warn you, don't be too ambitious. You *will* end up with another
dead-on-water Zope.org migration plan. If you think Plone is the
problem, the solution is simple:

1. Set the skin to CMFDefault's standard skin
2. Replace the custom workflow to CMFDefault's standard one, or fix
   the existing one.
3. Test every common operation, like adding and editing content for
   all content types as a 'Member'.
4. Adjust the skin to look like the current one.

That done, you will very likely have accomplished your goal with
minimum effort and everyone will be happy.

Doing those steps you will have removed 99% of Plone's functionality
within the site, pending removal of the software itself and persistent
objects on the database. And you have no excuse on saying that 'doing
it all from scratch' is better or easier solution than this.

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