[Zope3-dev] Broken homefolder tests

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Tue Feb 7 13:23:09 EST 2006

Am Dienstag, 7. Februar 2006 10:31 schrieb Stephan Richter:
> On Monday 06 February 2006 19:18, Roger Ineichen wrote:
> > Does somebody know if there is a method for check if
> > a teardown get called after a test? Some hints?
> No, this is usually painful tracking down. You could check for test setup
> code that assigns AttributeAnnotatable to File. Also note that there is no
> good way for tearing down classImplements() statements. So this issue
> potentially exists in many places. I think for now it would be okay to add
> the declaration to the test setup.

Can I assume that the problem is not in the homefolder package?


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