[Zope3-dev] Broken homefolder tests

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Tue Feb 7 17:35:49 EST 2006

Hi Florian

> >
> > No, this is usually painful tracking down. You could check 
> for test setup
> > code that assigns AttributeAnnotatable to File. Also note 
> that there is no
> > good way for tearing down classImplements() statements. So 
> this issue
> > potentially exists in many places. I think for now it would 
> be okay to add
> > the declaration to the test setup.
> Can I assume that the problem is not in the homefolder package?

Sorry, but no you can't.

One problem is, that the homefolder README test is broken because 
of, the File doesn't support AttributeAnnotatable by default.

You can add directlyProvides(File, IAttributeAnnotatable) in the
test setup. The bad thing is, that the test doesn't fail
if you are running all tests at once. This means that another test
provides IAttributeAnnotatable for the File. And this "another" test
doesn't teardown correct.

Roger Ineichen 

> Florian
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