[Zope3-dev] Re: One namespace for ZCML

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:32:54 EST 2006

[Sidnei da Silva]
>> Now whether that's that's the correct interpretation is up to the
>> original author (Tim Peters?) to clarify :)

[Fred Drake]
> I don't know if he's paying attention to this thread, but I'm fairly
> certain everyone at PythonLabs understood that to refer to namespaces.
>  If Tim would like to counter that, he's certainly free to do so, of
> course.  :-)

I was, of course, merely acting as a channel for Guido.  It wasn't my
job to understand or interpret, it was merely to put into words
Guido's essentially ineffable wisdom.  I'm not sure even God (let
alone Guido) knows what that stuff _means_, and there's been healthy
debate over interpretations ever since.

FWIW, I always thought "the namespace one" was talking about
namespaces, or _perhaps_ wooden shoes.  I'm certain it wasn't talking
about tulips, although certainty over interpretations has admittedly
been the cause of much human misery throughout history.  So if someone
_does_ think it's about tulips, best to smile and nod, then killfile
the moron :-)

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