[ZPT] Strange session behavior with macro-call

Jeff Peterson jpeterso at crary.com
Tue Jun 27 09:12:45 EDT 2006

Chris Withers wrote:
> Jeff Peterson wrote:
>> I have a page template that calls a couple of scripts at the 
>> beginning, they are setting session objects and redirecting to a 
>> login screen if certain session objects don't exist. 
> Why not just use PAS or Cookie Crumbler? ;-)
I guess I could look at that...I am having to authenticate against an 
existing database of usernames and passwords so I just wrote it myself.

>> the content for this page.  When the macro is rendered, the scripts 
>> fail to operate properly (commented out they work perfectly).
> I'll bet your doing something like:
> <mytag tal:define="dummy here/myScript"
>        metal:use-macro="something">
> ...
> The macro replaces the whole tag before the tal:define gets called.
Actually I am not doing anything of the sort.

The whole page is a macro to start.  The scripts that are being called 
are all in this format:

  <metal:block metal:fill-slot="defines">
    <!-- define any template specific variables here -->
    <tal:x tal:define="baseurl context/root/baseurl"></tal:x>
    <tal:x tal:define="global session request/SESSION"></tal:x>
    <tal:x tal:condition="python:not session.has_key('user')">
      <tal:x tal:define="bookmark 
    <tal:x tal:condition="python:session.has_key('user')">
      <tal:x tal:define="global accountname        
                                global username             
                                global account_id           
                                global roles                    
                                global uadm        python:'uadm' in roles;
                                global dadm        python:'dadm' in roles;
                                global padm        python:'padm' in 

then below, the macro is being pulled in inside a different fill-slot.

> Anyway, overarchingly, don't mix presentation and logic like this, 
> 'cos it causes these kind of problems ;-)
> cheers,
> Chris

Jeffrey D Peterson

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