[ZPT] Strange session behavior with macro-call

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Jun 27 16:27:42 EDT 2006

Jeff Peterson wrote at 2006-6-26 15:04 -0500:
>I have a page template that calls a couple of scripts at the beginning, 
>they are setting session objects and redirecting to a login screen if 
>certain session objects don't exist.  I am pulling in a macro to display 
>the content for this page.  When the macro is rendered, the scripts fail 
>to operate properly (commented out they work perfectly). In the error 
>case the redirect still happens however, none of the session variable 
>are set.

How do you redirect? With "raise 'Redirect'"?.

In this case (as in all cases when an exception arrives at
the "ZPublisher"), the transaction is aborted and all
session modifications are annihilated.


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