[Zope-PAS] PlonePAS - Local roles for Anonymous user

Radim Novotny novotny.radim at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 11:33:12 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'd like to create PlonePAS plugin which adds Owner local
role the the  Anonymous user for some time.

I'v tried to modify AutoRole plugin a bit. I was able to see "green" edit
bar on the correct object, I was able to see edit form but I was not able
to save modified object or show Properties tab (login form appears, but
no Unathorized exception raised). I was able to complete workflow
transitions on the particular object.

My use case is: list of organizations with administrative contact email
address stored in each organization. Anonymous user is browsing the site
and will find own organization. Then requests "edit mode". System
will send email to the administrative contact with temporary password
(valid for 24 hours) and store password-object pair to the configuration
User enter the received password, password will be set to the
cookie and user will be redirected to the object. PAS plugin will be able
to read the password from request. Configuration utility will know
combination of password-object pairs and PAS plugin will assign  Owner
local role to the successfully authorized anonymous user. Anonymous user
will be able to modify the object during the password validity period (24

I don't want to create user accounts in the portal only due to managing
organizations. Users are dumb and they forgot their login immediately. I
have a lot of organizations coverted from the old system without
creators assigned, so user has no chance to edit such record.


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