[Zope-PAS] Properties Plugin

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Tue Mar 20 07:27:57 EDT 2007


i try to add Properties to all of my PAS-Users.
The Properties should be the adresse information
of my Users, which i get about an WebService.

Now i have developed a very simple example of a

     def getPropertiesForUser(self, user, request=None):
         """ Fullfill PropertiesPlugin requirements """
         ### Cache Implementation
         view_name = createViewName('retrievePropsData', user)
         keywords = {'key' : user}
         properties = self.ZCacheable_get( view_name = view_name,
                                            keywords = keywords,
                                            default = None )
         if properties is None:
             properties = {}
             properties['addr'] = "SampleData"
             tt=self.ZCacheable_set( properties ,
                                       keywords=keywords )
         return properties

Now i have some questions about it:

Shoud I use (and why) the UserPropertySheet instead of a simple dict?
Is the cache implementation ok?
Does anyone have a simple example for this task?

thx Christian

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